Lottie P. – Neck/shoulders – 30minutes
That’s the best massage I’ve ever had, and I’ve had loads.”

Peter H. – lower back – 1 hour
Hi Roger, I feel like a new man. My back is OK again. Thanks Peter.

Dom S. – ½ marathon runner – 10minutes pre-race massage (after the race)
“I’m going to do this every time. Normally, I hate the first 2 or 3 miles and can’t get going.  Today was great right from the start!”

Jane T. – ½ marathon runner – 10minutes post race massage
I am so glad that I had the massage as that’s the only areas that haven’t seized and ached today 🙂 Thanks again Jane

Hugh M: “That’s the best my shoulders have felt for years.”

Phylidda C: “This is the best part of my week.”

Theresa R:“Thanks for a fabulous massage this morning.”

Jess C (to colleague):“He gives a fantastic back massage.”

Annette P: “You’re really good at what you do.”

Alison W: “Just to say that the massage was on Wednesday was great – can’t believe the difference.  The pain in my shoulder has all but gone and my left arm is so much better!”