Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage to assist the flow and removal of excess fluid (lymph)

The lymphatic system is of similar size and scope to the blood circulation system. Lymph capillaries collect about 10% of the fluid which bathes the body tissues. This lymph fluid is transported via the lymphatic system back into the bloodstream through capillary action: there is no ‘pump’ on the lymphatic system. Consequently, in long periods of standing, or inactivity, excess fluid is not drained and collects, often in the ankles and knees.

Where there is injury or trauma to body joints, muscles or skin, additional lymph fluid will be generated to protect around the injury. So, for example after liposuction procedures there is likely to be significant swelling associated with the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic drainage can be used to:

  • reduce swelling, e.g. at arms, ankles, knees
  • assist recovery after liposuction
  • assist lymph flow after lymph node removal
  • reduce Oedema
  • detox and strengthen the immune system